Culinary specialties and partner restaurants

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Pichade Mentounasc

The pichade is a specialty of Menton, it takes its name from the word “peish sarà” salted fish. Pichade is a kind of pizza with very thick dough, served either with a tomato sauce with the good scents of Provence, or a confit of onion in its “pissaladière” version. You can taste this succulent specialty in the stands of our Mentonnais market at the Halles Municipales where several artisanal traders offer exceptional local products. 

Feel free to visit our partner and friends  "Maison Boeri ", who will offer its Pichades and Pissaladières, fresh ravioli with flavors as original as they are good (lemon ravioli garden, ravioli chard ravioli, ravioli with truffles …), its fresh pasta (spaghetti, tagliatelle, lasagne…) but also its delicious delicatessen dishes, including specialties (small stuffed niçois, brandade, sardine à la provençale, cannelloni…) to make the most of your days without having to cook.

The Barbajuans

Don’t miss out on a Barbajuan tasting!!!!! Speciality of the Menton basin, it is the star of the speciality stands. “Le Barba” looks like a big ravioli in the form of a papillote, stuffed with chard, grated cheese, eggs and rice and fried until golden brown. The word means “uncle Jean” in the
Castellarencand Monegasque dialect and comes from a small village above Menton, the village of Castellar.

Originally, the Castellarese made their barbajuans in the village and went to sell them in Monaco.

Faithful companion of our family reunions or our meals with friends, he will know how to surprise you with these new variations full of flavours and originality.

For this, go to our partner restaurant "D'aqui " , located in one of the small perpendicular streets of the pedestrian street. You will be served in a typical southern atmosphere with a choice of varied specialities of Menton.

La socca

Socca is the name given to a culinary speciality based on chickpea flour, consumed in Menton, Monaco and Nice.

The socca comes in the form of a large, thin wafer baked on large round tinned copper plates in a pizza oven. Once baked, the cake has a golden colour and is even lightly burnt in places.

The socca is eaten hot, if possible right out of the oven, often accompanied by pepper. Its taste characteristics come from a double sensation born from its cooking method: crispy and crunchy on top and very soft underneath. Once cooled, it solidifies and, due to its slightly fatty nature, loses its taste qualities. When it is bought, it is therefore generally eaten on the spot or as quickly as possible. It is also because it is eaten very fresh that only sellers with a sufficient flow offer a tasty socca.

It is said that it was the morning workers’ snack or the poor man’s meal, because of its modest price. Fishermen in Nice would have eaten like this in the past before setting out to sea. It is now appreciated as an aperitif or starter, or even as a main course for a quick lunch, usually accompanied by a glass of fresh rosé wine (to be drunk in moderation…). 

To be tasted at "D'Aqui " in Menton!

Zucchini flower fritters

Zucchini flower fritters are a specialty of Provençal, Nice and Italian cuisine. This little fritter is made with zucchini (or squash) flowers, wrapped in batter.

To enjoy a good meal allowing you to taste our extraordinary local cuisine, do not hesitate to go to “Maison Martin et Fils”. This family restaurant, located in the old town of Menton just behind the Halles Municipales, will allow you to discover or rediscover our local specialties. They will know how to welcome you, always in a good mood, for a pleasant lunch in the sun on the terrace or a warm dinner in one of their 2 interior rooms.